Iron Grip belongs to the

National Ninja League (Midwest Division)


" Tears on my Zantes"

Josh and Landon wrote this song after the 2019 World championships in Hartford, CT.  

We hold NNL competitions (June - Feb) to qualify a ninja to compete in the

World Championships in February of each year.

We also hold REC NNL competitions that are for beginner and mid-level ninjas. At this time we do not have a RNL competition scheduled.

Rec League Competitions:

Each participant will have a chance to run a course with 10 obstacles. Each participant will earn one point for each obstacle successfully completed and can earn an additional 5 bonus points if all 10 obstacles are completed.

Each participant will receive a Rec Ninja League medal for participating.

There will be no formal awards ceremony but there is a chance to qualify for the NNL World Championships in Feb 2020 (if eligible) as well as a chance to be crowned Obstacle King/Queen.