1. Be Safe

2. Have Fun

3. Be Aware

  • Always look to make sure that you are not in anyone's way before you move to the next obstacle.

4. One Person Rule

  •  Only one person at a time on each obstacle

5. Ask

  • If you are not sure how to do something, ask a trainer

6. Trainers Rule

  • The trainers have the ability to add/change/modify rules during any session. Whatever they say is the ultimate rule.

7. Intended Use

  • Only use the obstacles as they were intended to be used. If you have a great idea, share it with a trainer and they will decide if it is allowed.

8. Warped Walls

  • If you do not make it up the warped wall on any given attempt, you must slide back down facing TOWARD the wall with both hands and feet sliding down the wall. You may not turn around and descend with your back toward the wall.

9. Profanity/Language

  • This is a family-friendly establishment. Profanity and other disrespectful language will not be tolerated and the trainers' will enforce this according to their discretion.

10. Dress Code

  • Clean and dry athletic shoes must be worn at all times

  • No profanity, nudity, or other generally offensive content on clothing. Ask if you are not sure if something is appropriate.

11. Cubbies

  • Cubbies are available if you wish to store your personal belongings. We are not responsible for anything that is lost or stolen.

12. Kids Open Gym

  • Kids under 14 must be supervised by a parent or guardian with no more than two kids for every one adult.  

  • The adult does not have to participate but must stay on the floor with their child(ren) directly supervising them through the obstacles and making sure that they follow all safety rules and procedures.

  • Trainers may, at their discretion, grant waivers to kids who have consistently followed the rules, have developed adequate ninja skills to allow them to train safely on their own, and who generally show respect for the trainers as well as the others who are training in the facility. If granted a waiver, the child will receive a wristband and will be able to be supervised by their parent or guardian on the sidelines instead of having direct supervision on the floor. Waivers may be revoked at any time and and are only good for the session in which they are granted.